YCJ Greenhouse Partnership Update

DSCN0436Seeds are quickly sprouting in York County Jail’s greenhouse, in the courtyard, and around the county, with two recent eight pound donations of lettuce and spinach to the York County Shelter Programs Food Pantry in Alfred. Other area food pantries will also receive donations depending on the days they are opegreenhouseupdate1n and when harvests are ready.

Massabesic Center for Adult Learning’s project coordinator, Linda Lehmann, has been busy getting flower seedlings planted at the York County Government Administrative Offices grounds.

She is seen here telling Facilities Director, Timothy Amoroso and Facilities Staff, Dick Gaudette, about the project and her thoughts for planting. The project has been well-received by administration:DSCN0413 “Anything you need from us, anything; don’t hesitate to ask,” they assured Linda. Inmates are already scheduled to do the watering at all locations.

Interest among inmates is increasing and the project is on the list of several from which trustee inmates can choose to participate. The only difficult parts, DSCN0418so far, are the rainy days. Inmates count on being outside working in the gardens for a break from their indoor routines.

Pictured here are two inmates from the Southern DSCN0440Maine Women’s Re-Entry Center planting flowers around the flagpoles at York County Jail.

The York County Courthouse and Government Administrative Offices grounds will soon be blooming with color!