Become an Instructor

Massabesic Center for Adult Learning employs instructors who teach a variety of topics and skills from interests like history, finances, and ancestry, to skills like small engine repair, arts and crafts, and exercise and dance. We are always looking for new class ideas as well.

How do I become an instructor? 

Instructors must pass a criminal background check and be fingerprinted. You can propose as many classes as you like. We’ll meet with you to discuss your classes and if you qualify, to schedule your classes. You don’t have to have any special training to be an instructor for enrichment classes. Just bring your skills and passion to share with others.

What is the deadline for proposing classes? How do I do it?

At first, you should email our Director, Barbara Gauvin, at with your ideas and contact info. You can propose a class at any time, however we do have specific deadlines for the winter/spring, and fall semesters. Our brochures are put together in the spring for fall, and in the mid-fall for winter/spring. After your initial meeting, you will be emailed before the deadline each semester to see if you would like to propose the class or another class. There will be a form to fill out and if you are proposing a class where you teach a skill such as knitting or painting, a photo that you have taken with good lighting and composition is great to include so we can use it in our brochure and on our website. We can only accept photos you have taken yourself. Please do not download photos off the internet.

How do classes work?

We advertise our classes on a variety of platforms such as our website catalog, our printed brochure which is distributed to residences and businesses in the RSU 57 district, on social media, and in The Smart Shopper. You are encouraged to advertise your class on your Facebook page if you have one, as well. Classes are held on weekdays except Friday, generally in the evening, but daytime classes are possible as well. We do not hold classes on weekends, during school holidays or vacations. Classes are cancelled if school is cancelled due to weather or other issues and we attempt to reschedule if possible. Classes must meet a minimum enrollment to run, and we will let you know when your class has met that minimum. If it hasn’t, we take care of cancelling the class for you.

If your class requires a materials list, we can post that for you, or you can elect to provide the materials and charge a materials fee. You would collect the fee the night of class. Classes can be one night or once a week for multiple weeks.

What types of classes are you looking for?

Arts and crafts, hobbies and interests, topics of interest, computers, music, dance, exercise, and more! If we haven’t listed it here, it doesn’t mean we aren’t interested – email us and ask!

Can I teach an online class?

We are in the process of putting together both onsite and online Zoom enrichment classes. So if you have a skill that would be easy to teach online, we would love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more details.

What hours would I be teaching?

We are looking for instructors to teach during the day as well as night time hours for both in-person and Zoom classes.

Have more questions? Email us at or give us a call at 247-2022.