Online Courses


If you are unable to attend classes as scheduled, perhaps the flexibility of an online course will work for you. To see a complete listing of over 300 courses, descriptions, starting dates, and costs, go to and register online.

Condensed Curriculum International (CCI)

These courses are highly interactive and provide students with an enriched learning experience. Each course was developed to ensure that students gain the necessary skills to excel in a professional healthcare environment. Additionally, these programs include access to an online community with interactive content and robust student services. To learn more go to and see what we have to offer.

You Got Class (LERN)

Boost your productivity and your organization’s bottom line! Our online certificates and courses are provided by expert instructors. Participate anytime day or evening, from any computer. Just click here to see all the courses and certificates.

Center for Legal Studies

The Center for Legal Studies (CLS) was founded in 1980. They offer legal studies courses nationwide in the following formats: live lecture, online, DVD, and text-only. The curriculum is updated by CLS to remain current and on-pace with the newest trends in the legal industry. Recognizing the state-of-the-art technology and ease of use, online courses created by CLS were awarded top honors by Thomson West Publishing International. Visit to view their course offerings.