Fall 2020 Reopening FAQs

After closing our doors in March due to the coronavirus, we are pleased to be opening for in-person and online classes this Fall. We are working hard to support all students during this uncertain time. Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our Fall term.

When will classes begin?

We have been continuing our online classes over summer, some of which are available now. We will be holding enrichment classes in a mainly online format this semester, but some will be available in-person. We have highlighted in our course catalog and on our website which mode each class will be given in.

Academic classes, including HiSET preparation, Math and Language Arts classes will be offered in-person from Monday, September 21st, although there are options for online learning too. Please contact our Student Advisor, Eleanor Mair, at 207-247-2022 to learn more and to book an appointment to register for classes.

Will I have to wear a mask to class?

The district policy is that all students and staff must wear masks on-site. If you enter the building without a mask, we will provide one for you.

Can I complete my HiSET online?

Yes. We have recently launched our HiSET Academy, where students can learn from home and check in with our instructors about their progress. Please contact our Student Advisor, Eleanor Mair, for more information: 207-247-2022.

I would like to take academic classes online but I do not have access to a computer/internet. What options are available to me?

MCAL has been given access to a limited number of computers, Chromebooks, and hotspots to loan out for students. Please call the office: 207-247-2022 for more information.

What happens if cases start to increase?

RSU 57 will identify the District risk level by referring to the State of Maine’s color-coded advisory system. Given the large and varied nature of counties in Maine, school districts within a county may adopt a District risk level that differs from the county-based categorization of COVID-19 risk issued by the Maine Department of Education. 

Green Categorization as “green” suggests that the county has a relatively low COVID-19 risk and that in-person instruction can be adopted, although a SAU may opt for hybrid instruction if its buildings or readiness make adhering to the Required Health and Safety Measures for All Schools a challenge. 

Yellow Categorization as “yellow” suggests that the county has an elevated risk of COVID-19 spread and that hybrid instruction models should be adopted. 

Red Categorization as “red” suggests that the county has a high risk of COVID-19 spread and that in-person instruction should not be conducted.