Former MCAL student highlighted in HiSET Success

Kelsie, a former student at our program, has been highlighted in the HiSET Success newsletter this month for her hard work in achieving her HiSET and her journey to college. Read the story below.

Kelsie was a high school dropout, caught in the opioid epidemic that is currently raging in our state of Maine. The addiction that created havoc in her life eventually landed her in jail and then in a rehab facility for six months. It also separated her from her five-year-old daughter. While doing her intake into our adult education program, Kelsie held her head down and made very little eye contact through most of our conversation. In five short months, her transformation has been remarkable. The new program, through the Massabesic Center for Adult Learning, brings learning into a rehabilitation program for adults who have been incarcerated for drug related offenses and are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Every time Kelsie came to class, she made a point to sit next to me and continually ask if I was sure she could do “this.” For her teachers, Wanda Kezar and Laura Masters, their goal was not only to instruct her, but to administer a very large dose of encouragement, as well. As a result of her hard work in our program, Kelsie completed the HiSET program and participated in the 2019 graduation ceremony. Our conversations then changed from nervously asking if she can do “this” to exploring college programs!

Kelsie knows that college is a logical next step on the way to a brand-new life and a brighter future for both herself and her daughter. She’s now taking the steps needed to enroll in community college this fall and is also employed at a job that she loves! Kelsie is truly a success story for our program. She is a shining example of how the connections we are making with our adult students — along with instruction and help provided by career counseling — are transforming lives and providing the hope that many like her so desperately need.

In March of 2020, Kelsie was accompanied by her teachers, Laura Masters and Wanda Kezar, as well as Steve Mazza, the Coordinator of the Layman Way Recovery Center, to be honored and celebrated for her accomplishments. She joined other adult learners at a Maine State Legislative breakfast, courtesy of Maine Adult Education Association.

If you are interested in joining our program, please contact our Student Advisor at 207-247-2022.