How to get your High School credential

One of the best things about Adult Education is that not only can students learn new skills and have fun in our Enrichment classes, but they can also work on improving their educational and professional lives with our academic programs. We offer classes for all levels, from those wanting to improve their skills, to those looking to complete their High School diploma, as well as College and Career support. Give us a call on 207-247-2022 and make an appointment with our Student Advisor. We will find the right class for you!

This blog post will discuss our HiSET program, which is our High School Equivalency credential taught in-person and online by our wonderful instructor, Wanda. Scroll down to see the Frequently Asked Questions about HiSET.

What is the HiSET?

The HiSET program is a High School Equivalency (HSE) credential offered by the State. It allows students who have not completed high school to gain your credential and advance your career and education.

The program focuses on five main subject areas and students will have to pass a test on each subject:

  • Language Arts – Reading
  • Language Arts – Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Tests are all multiple choice, with an essay question in the Writing test. 

The great thing about HiSET is that you only take the tests when you are ready. We work at your pace!

How much does the HiSET program cost?

The program is completely free!

Is it the same as a high school diploma or GED?

HiSET is an equivalency program, meaning that it is accepted by employers and colleges as a High School credential. Instead of passing classes and gaining credits, you just need to work on five subject areas and pass a multiple choice test in each area to get your credential. We no longer offer the GED program, but HiSET is quite similar in its format. The good thing about the HiSET program is that you don’t need to do a set amount of hours in order to pass or gain credit, so for students who are confident in a subject area, you can get testing very quickly, and for subjects you are less confident in, you can work on it until you feel more comfortable.

I am a High School student – can I take the HiSET?

17 year olds can join our program, as long as they are formally withdrawn from their high school. Contact your guidance counselor and our Student Advisor to determine whether you would be better suited for our HiSET or High School diploma program.

How do I prepare for the HiSET?

You can take our HiSET class which meets in the East Building (former Junior High) Monday and Wednesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 PM. Or, you can sign up for our online program, where you can work independently with weekly phone or Zoom check ins with the instructor. Once you have completed three practice tests and feel prepared, you will schedule your first official testing session.

I only have to get a few credits – do I have to take the HiSET?

If you already have 18 credits or more, we would be able to work with you to get your high school diploma. Contact our Student Advisor for more information: 207-247-2022.

For students who have less than 18 credits, we recommend the HiSET program, as the diploma program can be more time intensive and we can often complete the HiSET program quicker.

Can I take classes online?

Yes! We have a very flexible online program. Students can work at their own pace whenever they want. The HiSET instructor, Wanda, will check in with students weekly via phone or Zoom, and if students ever want to come into our in-person class, they are more than welcome.

When will I graduate?

The HiSET program is very individualized, so our students complete the course at their own pace. Some students get through the program very quickly, and others work on one subject at a time. 

Can I go to college with a HiSET credential?

Yes, the program is accepted as a high school completion by Colleges and Universities. We can also help you with college applications, financial aid and preparing for college classes with our College Transitions program. 

How do I get started?

Call Eleanor, our Student Advisor on 207-247-2022 and make an appointment (in person at our office or online over Zoom). She will guide you through the process and options. To get started, you will need to take a Reading and Math test. This is just so we can get a baseline of your level and to see if there are any areas we would like to work on first. You do not need to study for these tests and there is no pass or fail. Once you have finished your initial tests, you will be able to choose between our in-person and online programs.

Do you have more questions? Give us a call on 207-247-2022 and we would be happy to talk further.