Reflecting on a year of Covid

This week marks a year since we had to close our doors because of the pandemic. It has been a long year of change, adaptability, and resilience. No one ever imagined that this would happen, but we are so grateful for the support and understanding of the community as we responded to the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought us. We have continued to offer education to students throughout this year, first fully remotely and now a mix of in-person and online. Thank you to our staff and instructors, who have worked tirelessly to come up with new ways to support our students during this challenging time, and thank you so much to our students who have shown incredible perseverance this year!

One of the unexpected benefits of this time was that we were able to use our new knowledge of remote learning to support new learners remotely using Zoom and our new HiSET Academy program, which allows students to work on their High School equivalency in their own time. This has allowed us to reach students who otherwise would not have been able to attend classes because of work or transportation.

We are also now able to loan computers and hotspots so that all of our students are able to continue learning at home. For those who are currently shielding at home, we now offer Zoom meetings with our Student Advisor, so you are able to learn more about the program, complete our intake process, and get placed into classes from the comfort of your own home. 

We are now also offering a mix of in-person and virtual Enrichment classes, from yoga to computers. Our in-person classes may look a little different, but we have something for everyone!

If you are interested in joining our academic program, please schedule an appointment with Eleanor, our Student Advisor, at 207-247-2022. We offer meetings both in-person at our office or over Zoom.